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Detect and alert on user changes
within your infrastructure

Be part of the early-access (& free) beta:

Service Canary keeps an eye on your infrastructure and alerts you to changes. Get started in seconds with pip:

pip install canaryd
canaryctl init

Setup different alert notifications for each type of event. Send events via SMS, email, Slack and more.

Plugins for multiple event types in an open source client & daemon. Supports Linux, BSD and macOS.

Service canary plugins


Detect when users are added, removed or updated on the service. Supported everywhere.


See firewall rule additions and removals. Supports iptables and firewalld.


Watch for new/removed services and changes in their status. Supports SysVinit, serviced, upstart and launchd.


Monitor changes to kernel versions and parameters via sysctl. Supported everywhere.


See when packages are added, updated or removed. Supports apt, yum and brew.


Get notified of service reboots, expected or unexpected. Supported everywhere.

Coming soon


Detect if ports are up/down and which processes are listening to them. Supported everywhere.


Watch for changes to status code/content from HTTP(s) requests. Supported everywhere.